Blockflötenfesttage Stockstadt

Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany

Altrheinhalle Stockstadt


Ritratto dell'amore

The Stockstadt debut by the young and internationally successful recorder player Laura Schmid – recipient of the MOECK Solo Competition Prize – will present us with something unprecedented: starting with tales of stolen sonatas and lovestruck maidens, right through to baroque hits.
With her programme Ritratto dell’amore – which translates as “portrait of love” – Laura Schmid and d’istinto juxtapose the emotions present in French music with those found in Italian music. What language is the nightingale likely to speak?

Laura Schmid | Recorder
Bruno Hurtado Gosalvez | Viola da Gamba, Baroque cello
Eriko Wakita | Harpsichord


Venue Details

Altrheinhalle Stockstadt
Insel-Kühkopf-Straße 1
Stockstadt am Rhein 64589