Not only 5 recorders

Stockstadt am Rhein, Germany

Altrheinhalle Stockstadt


Blockflötenfesttage Stockstadt

A colorful program with original music for 1 to 5 recorders awaits you at the final concert of this year’s edition of the Recorder Festival Stockstadt. The musical journey of the musicians leads from Venice via London and Paris to Hamburg – because they have works of the Venetian Antonio Vivaldi, the “Orpheus Britannicus” Henry Purcell and the French Josep Bodin de Boismortier in their luggage. Theodorus Schwartzkopff and Johann Christian Schickhardt represent Germany. In addition, they have not only the usual recorder instruments, but a baroque bassoon, a baroque harp and a harpsichord, which are used in flying alternation. A sensual sound spectacle with varied baroque music to end the evening awaits you.

Laura Schmid | Recorder
Maurice Steger | recorder, harpsichord & direction
Céline Pasche | recorder, baroque harp
Claudius Kamp | recorder, baroque bassoon
Max Volbers | recorder, harpsichord

With works by Antonio Vivaldi, Henry Purcell, Josep Bodin de Boismortier, Theodorus Schwartzkopff & Johann Christian Schickhardt.

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Venue Details

Altrheinhalle Stockstadt
Insel-Kühkopf-Straße 1
Stockstadt am Rhein 64589