On Tour – OMEN Quartett

Oberwil, Schweiz

Aula Gymnasium Oberwil

Free entry

Neue Pavillon Konzerte

The members of the OMEN Quartet come from four very different regions – so long journeys are inevitable. We take the audience on exactly these journeys and travel from Central Germany from Bach and Handel to Salzburg to Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber. We continue to the magnificent Württemberg court to Theodor Schwartzkopff and an ominous “Monsieur Detri”, who may have played in the royal court orchestra, and finally to western Switzerland, where we leave early music for good (the Montreux Festival sends its regards!) and let Erroll Garner and Billy Joel have their say. Garnished with exciting old and new “travel music” we definitely always keep moving with “on Tour”…

OMEN Quartett
Laura Schmid | Recorder, Moderation
Céline Pasche | Recorder, Baroque Harp
Claudius Kamp | Recorder, Baroque Bassoon
Max Volbers | Recorder, Harpsichord

Venue Details

100 Allschwilerstrasse
Oberwil 4104