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Bequem von zuhause aus!

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Practice, but how?

Practicing can be so easy if you know the right tricks. In cooperation with the Blockflötenshop Fulda I open my bag of tricks!

20 February 2021
Sat. 10 – 12 h

Laura Schmid

This wonderful feeling of starting a new piece is often disturbed by the impression of being overwhelmed. After the first play-through you ask yourself: where do I start practicing, how should I practice this again… All this can be demotivating, especially now during corona times when the goal of performing is not self-evident.
In the webinar “Practicing – but how?” you will be introduced to different practicing techniques, shown which technical tools you can use and how you can manage to train yourself to listen better. Because as Quantz said, making music “requires a lot of diligence and thought on the part of the learner”.

After an input lecture, the participants will first work in plenum, then in individual sessions.
practical work will be done.

Target group
The webinar is aimed at all players who would like to work specifically on their practicing technique without long travel times and additional costs.

Venue Details

Bequem von zuhause aus!
Am Ried 7
Fulda 36041