The Comeback of the Recorder

The film “The Recorder-A Comeback. The new sound of Maurice Steger” can be seen on Youtube:

The recorder is currently experiencing a renaissance. It is well on its way to achieving cult status. Whole generations have been teased by the instrument in school. Almost everyone had to learn it, but very few stuck with it. In the meantime, there are a number of recorder virtuosos: the Swiss recorder player Maurice Steger is now one of the world stars.
Whole generations have grown up with the recorder in Germany. The recorder is the school music instrument par excellence, because it is easy to learn. But it is strange that many young people learn the instrument, but almost no one sticks with it. Yet the recorder is much better than its reputation. For at least two decades it can be heard more and more often in concert halls. This is also because one of the best flutists in the world, the Swiss recorder player Maurice Steger, has made a significant contribution to the recorder’s great comeback today. He has made the recorder concert hall-ready, rediscovered long-forgotten works and thus significantly expanded the repertoire, and he has revolutionized recorder playing technically by developing a special sound with huge volume. The film follows virtuoso Maurice Steger for a time through his world – accompanying him to concerts in London, to master classes at the Gstaad Baroque Academy, to a CD recording in Guebwiller, to his recorder makers, to the Meyer brothers, deep into the Swiss mountains, and to Taiwan, which is just becoming a recorder nation. In addition, the film tells some bizarre, little-known stories about the instrument: for anyone who believes that the recorder is reserved solely for baroque music and the classical concert hall is sorely mistaken. “The Recorder – A Comeback. The new sound of Maurice Steger” is a film about the renaissance of the recorder, which is well on its way to achieving cult status.

The Recorder – A Comeback
The new sound of Maurice Steger
53 min.
Director : Natascha Pflaumbaum | Country : Germany | Year 2017